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Students from Atlanta Schools have been very busy this summer. The GRAD projects and programs aim to insure that Atlanta school students make to graduation and then on to university. Several GRAD programs are designed to spark students' interest in science, mathematics and arts. Another place to get information is online. There are web sites and blogs which offer honest home schooling information. These sites are run by parents who home school and will give you more information about what problems they have encountered and what solutions they found. There is a real wealth of information on the internet that discusses both pros and cons of home schooling. If you are driving your child to school, make sure that he gets inside the building safely before you leave. Accidents happen in parking lots too, so make sure your child is with the teacher or his classmates.When dropping your child off at school parents should always be careful when driving near schools and busy streets, and be sure to pay close attention to the children and pedestrians around you.Two students from Nashville Schools Maplewood High School have won the Lewis & Clark Expedition National Essay contest. The contestants had to write essays about some aspect of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, for example the affect it had on the nation or the trials the expedition faced. The essays were judged on accuracy, clarity, organization, documentation, and creativity. 英識教育升學英國留學 英國寄宿學校 Uppingham School study overseas uk school ranking education agent